For Annual accounts, you will be charged a withdrawal fee of 5% of balance withdrawn for the second or more withdrawals during each year the account is opened.

For CDs, the withdrawn amount will be subject to a penalty equal to the interest on the amount withdrawn at the simple interest rate of the account, but shall not be more than 90 days of interest, nor less than five (5) days of interest on the withdrawn amount. IRA penalties are in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service.


Savings Account Fees

Share Withdrawal Fee

$1.00 per withdrawal after five (5) withdrawals per month

Christmas Club Early Withdrawal Fee

5% of balance withdrawn if withdrawn before November 1st  

Annual Savings Account Withdrawal Fee in a year

5% of balance withdrawn if more than one (1) withdrawal


Share Draft (Checking) Account Fees


$15.00 per item

Non-sufficient Funds (NSF)

$15.00 per item

ATM Withdrawal (members)


ATM Withdrawal (non-members)

$2.75 per withdrawal

Returned Deposit

$5.00 per item

Stop Payment

$15.00 per item

Copies of Account

$0.50 per request

Share Draft Checks

Price will vary depending on style and number of checks ordered


Other Service Fees (Applicable to All Accounts)

Returned Check

$10.00 per item



Wire Transfer (out)

$15.00 per transfer

Legal Process Fee


Money Order Fee

$1.00 per money order

Notary Fee (members)


Notary Fee (non-members)


Share Draft Copy

$3.00 per draft

Certified Check


Accounting Services

$20.00 per hour

Document Shredding

$5.00 per box

Dormant Account Fee

$5.00 per month

Remote Deposit Capture (application fee)



The rates and fees appearing in this schedule are accurate and effective for accounts as of the Last Dividend Declaration Date indicated on this Schedule of Fees and Charges. At any time, we may waive any of these fees. Any waiving of fees will be done on a case by case basis and will not prevent us from charging future fees. If you have any questions or require current rate and fee information on your accounts, please call San Juan Credit Union.


Credit Union Membership

Membership Share

$25.00 par value

Membership Fee



Business Share Draft (Checking) Account Fees

Monthly Service Fee


Item Count Over 50 on Deposits Per Month

$0.07 per item

Cash Out Over $500.00

1.50% Coin – 1.75% Currency


Online Bill Pay Fee

Monthly Fee



Loan Fees

Loan Application Fee

$15.00 per application $30 for express per application

Loan Processing Fee

$60.00 per loan

Life Line Advance Fee

Advance of $1-100

Fee of $25.00

Advance of $101-$200

     Fee of $35.00

Advance of $201-$300

Fee of $45.00

Advance of $301-$400

Fee of $55.00

Advance of $401-$500

Fee of $65.00

Loan Late Payment Fee

$25.00 after ten (10) days

Repossession Fee

$100.00 + 3rd Party Fees

Your savings are Federally insured up to $250,000.00 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)